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Smoothboard Air 2Ls

The Collaborative Interactive Whiteboard Software

Allows you to annoate and control wirelessly from a mobile device (client) into a host computer, support colloaboration with two or more devices. 


Smoothboard Air provides a real-time interactive platform for classrooms or meetings rooms, allows you to control and annotate wirelessly from a tablet or other mobile devices into a computer.  Also supports collaboration with two or more tablets and works with any mobile device that has a HTML5 browser such as iPad or Andriod Tablet or Laptop.


If you are a teacher or a presenter with a mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet, Smoothboard Air fits perfectly for you.
Examples of some use-cases include:

  • Control your computer and presentations wirelessly

  • Annotate on any application from anywhere in the room

  • Allow collaboration between participants or students via multiple mobile devices for mind-mapping and problem-solving



  • Annotate - Annotate on any application on the desktop from a tablet wirelessly.        Flip Chart toggle for a multipage drawing area.


  • Present - Quickly switch slides in PowerPoint with the tablet.                                Annotations are attached to each slide and can be saved into the PowerPoint file.


  • Collaborate - Use one or more tablets for collaboration in classrooms or meetings.   Allow access to any participant with an iPad or Android tablet.


  • Instant Access - No apps required on the mobile device  Access directly via Safari on the iPad or a HTML5 web browser on other tablets within the same network.

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