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The 3rd Generation of Smart Finger Touch Interactive Whiteboard

Newest Laser Image Calibration Technolgy (LICT), FP3 Board is Easy to install and use; Response quickly and latency less; Support auto calibration and gesture reognition. 

Wtih Laser Image Calibration Technology (LICT) in the 3rd generation, GLOVIEW FP3 Board are developed and resulted in better perfomance, response quickly and latency less, support auto calibration and gesture recognition.  FP3 Board conissted with 2 part: emitter and sersor (camera).  Emitter can be attached on flat wall or whiteboard with non-glare surface,  It emits infrared laser custain on the surface which is about 1 mm thick invisible light and paralled with the projection screen surface.  When the finger or any non-transparent object touch this virtual surface, the light will be reflected and detected by the sensor.  Computer will figure out the position of the mouse by accurate calculating the reflected light position. 

Required components are 1. Flat wall or whiteboard with non-lare surface 2. Projector, support all models & types and 3. Computer, FP3 Board is designed to work well with existing componets or resoruces, no need for special projector or specified somputer.  Now, "Smart Classroom" with interactive & collaborative technology is ready for everyone. 

Highlight Features

         - Stability  :  Use advanced algorithm and sensor's filter with auto push-pull device to avoid the affect of the light; auto calibration technology is so simple & easy and result in high success rate and high accurate. 

         - Flexibility  :  Able to use with a normal whiteboard or just a wall, so can use both interactive whiteboard mode and normal pen writing at same time; Compatible with any projector type and computer.

         - Maintenance  :  Easy to maintenance, dust resistant, and no special requirement; low power comsumption; designed for school and classroom so all parts are installed in high position and keep out of children's reach.    

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