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Product Feature:

* 2.4GHz, Frequency hopping, anti-interference and Automatic match technique for easy use, available to any sound devices around. 
* Wireless Headset Microphone for 20 meters plus transmitting range
* Omnidirectional Microphone for excellent voice pickup 
* Light thin steel Headset Support&Holder with soft ear pad for Stable and Comfortable wear
* Advanced SMT processing technique and new design of PCB&Circuits for better transmission and minimum Squeal
* Built-in high power capacity battery for longer working hours
* Mini, stylish and smooth design for good-looking Appearance


Basic Parameter:

* 2.4GHz, Frequency hopping technology
* Automatic match 
* Continuous Battery time: 3 hours plus
* Signal feature: 16bit, 44.1KHz
* Transmitting power: less than 20mW
* Transmitting current: 30--40mAh


* 2.4GHz, UHF, bothway, Frequency hopping technology
* Automatic match 
* Continuous Battery time: 3 hours plus
* Stereo 3.5mm Plug (including Mono 6.35mm plug)




* Automatically match to any amplifier, megaphone, loudspeaker, sound box, mixer, PC, communication and other sound devices.  

* Widely used in Audio Sound System like Teaching, Lecture&Speech, Introduction, Tour guiding, Commercial Promotion etc. 

* Protect people's throat&voice and extend sound.

2.4G Wireless Microphone

Hand-free Wireless Microphone for Teaching and Presentation

Ideal audio solution for teachig , lecture & speech, presentation in classroom.  Clear voice, convenience, and non-frequency jam.  



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